Letter published to the citizenship of Lafayette Parish

Lafayette, Louisiana, July 28th 2011

Letter from: Proyecto Hispano de Ayuda a la Comunidad Social Organization:

Dear citizens of Lafayette Parish:
As you have noticed, the presence of people of Hispanic origin has become notorious in the city and the parish in recent years. There is no public space or activity where a member of our community is not present.

It is no longer possible to say that we are a group of people living in the city, now we are a Hispanic community that has settled to live, study and work in the parish and with our hard work we are contributing to economic development of our state.

We are a poor but worthy people, full of values, with respect and adherence to the law. Our strength as a community weights more and has greater value than our shortcomings, and especially our ignorance of English language.

Hispanics are cheerful, sincere, honest, educated, enterprising and especially hard workers. These qualities that distinguish us have made it possible for us to win a place in the social, cultural and civic life of the city and we would like you to feel that.

Hispanics have immigrated to this country seeking new opportunities in life, mainly in the economic aspect. We have brought with us only our idiosyncrasy, our customs and our cultural expressions. We are aware that Hispanic culture is very diverse and different from American culture but if you allow us to show it to you, you will find that we have much in common and we can learn from each other and share.

We did not come to this country to take away jobs, or displace American citizens in any way, on the contrary, we have come to this country to work, to give the best of our values and learn how to integrate to American society, to make the United States, besides the more developed and powerful country, also the most democratic and just country in the world; a multicultural country that has initiated the formation of a new cultural expression: THE SPANISH-AMERICAN culture.

Thank you,


José Luis Castro-Aguilar
President of Social Organization
Proyecto Hispano de Ayuda a la Comunidad
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