Why Lafayette Parish needs a social organization like Proyecto Hispano de Ayuda a la Comunidad?


Proyecto Hispano de Ayuda a la Comunidad is a Latin American social nonprofit organization. It was founded on October 15, 2010 by the need for integration of all Hispanics, and all integrate into the American culture.

Lafayette Parish is growing and developing increasingly. Hispanic population have been migrating from other states to live and work here, seeking new opportunities in life. This is causing a significative increase in the Hispanic population in our parish. Only through an organization like ours the local government can have access to our community and its members; it can help them settle, become self-sufficient, offer employment and help the community to develop in harmony.

General objectives of our organization:

• Integrate the Hispanic community of Lafayette Parish into a single community: The HISPANIC COMMUNITY.
• Achieve the creation of the Centro Cultural Hispano de Lafayette (Hispanic Cultural Centre of Lafayette), an institution with the recognition and support of the Hispanic community and the local Lafayette government.

Specific objectives:

• That our organization represents the interests of the Hispanic community in the various agencies and institutions working for the community, such as Louisiana Workforce Commission, Lafayette Parish School Board, Lafayette Economic Development Authority, etcetera and also in the city government.
• To encourage the social and civic participation of the Hispanic community in the city’s social life.
• Create social working groups with the mission of working with the different ethnics that make up the entire Hispanic community of Lafayette Parish.
• To carry out social and demographic studies within our community to identify both our community's main needs and problems in order to help in the solution.

Our work will be focused in the achievement of our objectives, on what we believe are the most important levels of our society.
• Social
• Education
• Health
• Economy
• Culture
• Sports and recreation

• Achieve the social and civic participation of all members of our community in social activities in our city.
• To help members of our community find jobs that allow them to enjoy a worthy life and to provide for their families.
• To support, help and assist members of our community in cases of natural disasters, as well as in social, legal and immigration problems.
• Achieve the relocation of Hispanics families in apartment units with the necessary requirements of habitability.
• Make donations of material goods and food to families of lower income in the community.

Raise the necessary funds:
• To retrain both education and health professionals, and all Hispanic professionals who have migrated and live in our city. This effort will be remunerated to the community with their future work.
• Establish tutoring and training programs for the members of our community who wish to study technical careers in order to prepare for the future, coordinating with the corresponding schools.
• Support the existing education programs in our city, such as Spanish Immersion and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs for the members of our community in need of them, so they would have better employment opportunities and salaries in the future.

• Ensure that every member of our community receives adequate medical attention when they need it through the health programs already established
• Achieve members of our community to be treated by doctors who speak Spanish, this way we eliminate language barriers in a sector as sensitive as health is.
• Accomplish both the opening of a medical center in our city, dedicated to the specific medical attention of our community; and the opening of health care centers such as nursing homes, in-home care and day cares for the attention of the elderly and children of our community.

• Create statistical databases with information on job skills, and willingness for work of the members of the community and, in coordination with our local employers, facilitate employment to our community members.
• To encourage the creation of a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Lafayette Parish, with the goal of linking small businesses. Support both investment and new businesses opening as a source of employment for our community.
• Achieve cooperation with Lafayette Economic Development Authority, in order to guide the members of our community on what areas to invest and establish businesses, with the purpose to achieve both a sustainable and ordered growth.

• Celebrate the historical dates of each ethnic group that makes up our community by developing commemorative activities to remember those dates.
• To promote members of our community to express the different cultural manifestations of their various countries in culture related activities, through agreements with various cultural institutions in our city.
• Encourage our community to create and participate in their own cultural spots in our city.
• Achieve, through close liaison and coordination with ACLA (Asociación Cultural Latino-Acadiana), the promotion and expansion of the Hispanic Festival and other festivals of the Hispanic culture in our city of Lafayette.

Sports and recreation
• Develop systematic campaigns that encourage physical exercise as a way to stay healthy.
• Encourage the participation of our community in our city's sporting life.
• Support the formation of different sports teams in different age categories in the most popular sports.

• Only by overcoming the barriers that so far have divided us, we can achieve integration both as a community and to American culture and having also an active civic participation.
• Counting with the recognition of the government of our city and parish, is the way we can ensure our community to be included into the city development plans as a minority and/or community.
• Just giving our children the best values of our diversified culture, we could achieve the goal to integrate them into American’s culture without losing their own Hispanic roots.
• It is very necessary active participation in the socio-cultural and political life of our city and parish. It will make us stronger as a community.



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